On 26 March, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a scheme to support self-employed individuals facing financial difficulties as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Our website includes information on the scheme, which is designed to support the self-employed through the period of disruption caused by COVID-19. Under the scheme, the government will pay self-employed people a taxable grant based on an average of their earnings over the past three years.

Further details may be announced in due course and we will endeavour to keep you up to date on the latest developments.

Government guidance on the scheme can be found here.


Government and financial regulators tell banks to keep lending
British banks must keep lending to businesses through the coronavirus crisis to ensure viable companies do not fail, the government and financial regulators have urged.
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Contactless card payment limit set to rise from April
Trade association UK Finance has announced that from 1 April the spending limit for contactless card payments will rise from its current level of £30 to £45.
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Regulators request delay in corporate reporting
Financial regulators have requested a moratorium on corporate financial reports for at least two weeks.
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