Client care charter


Our promise to you.

Beatons are driven towards exceeding your expectations in all aspects of handling your financial affairs. We want you to have absolute confidence in our firm and feel that you are happy to recommend us to others. We must therefore be efficient, of high quality and deliver in a friendly and personable manner. With our client care charter we will;

  • Provide a fast, effective and flexible response to your company or individual needs
  • Provide a fast turnaround on all work undertaken and within the agreed timescale
  • Display total quality and integrity
  • Work in the best interests of you, the client
  • Provide all Beatons personnel with regular and comprehensive training focused on providing all our clients with a suitable, total quality service
  • Provide a response to any complaint within 7 working days
  • Publish all client satisfaction survey results
  • Respond to your telephone calls within 24 hours
  • Respond to correspondence from you within 5 working days or to advise you of any delays
  • Endeavour to provide you with estimates of your future tax liabilities in advance of payment dates
  • Endeavour to keep you informed of legislation that may affect your business
  • Provide, whenever practical, estimates of our fees and other costs, before they are incurred. Appropriate assignments may be carried out for a fixed fee
  • Provide quality advice on all aspects of the financial management of your business

From our initial consultation we will confirm in writing (as appropriate):

  • Your instructions to us
  • Any advice we have given
  • What action we will be taking
  • When you are next likely to hear from us
  • What action we need you to take
  • The best estimation we can give as to the likely cost

During our dealings with your financial affairs we will:

  • Keep you informed of progress
  • Advise you of any delays and explain the reasons
  • Explain the effect of any important documents
  • Inform you if a cost estimate needs revising
  • Explain any changes of staff affecting your service or main contact

At the end we will:

  • Render our bill as promptly as possible
  • You can ask for any papers and property to which you are entitled

How you can help:

  • Give us clear instructions
  • Tell us if you have any important time limits
  • Provide us with the information we require to carry out the job within the agreed timescale
  • Make sure we have understood each other correctly. Ask us if you are not sure about anything
  • Deal promptly with any important questions that may arise

You may:

  • Set a limit on costs to be incurred without further agreement with you (not the same as an agreed fee)
  • Ask for a written quote
  • Ask us for details of what costs have been run up at any stage

If you are dissatisfied:

Tell us if you feel you are not receiving the service you hoped for. If we know you are dissatisfied we can try to put it right, and will look into it promptly and thoroughly.

Mention it first to the person looking after your financial affairs. If you are still unhappy after that you can complain to the Managing Director, Roger Beaton, who will investigate it and contact you to talk about the problem.

It will help if you put your complaint in writing (keeping a copy for yourself) explaining what action you want us to take. Afterwards we will write confirming your complaint, the discussion and what we will be doing about it. This will be at no extra cost to you.

In conclusion...

We are committed to the provision of a prompt, efficient, courteous and cost effective service to all of our clients.

We welcome comments on any aspect of our business (good or bad). Your views are very important and can only assist in our efforts to further improve our service. If you feel there is room for improvement then let us know.