Inheritance Tax

For the year to 2016/17 10% of deaths in the UK had estates liable to inheritance tax. Inheritance tax receipts have increased by 12% p.a. each year since 2009/10 with HMRC forecasting £6.2bn in inheritance being received by the government in 2022.

How much inheritance tax will be paid if you die? Do you know what to do to ensure more of your wealth is passed to your family?

Do you have a will? Do you know the implications of not having a will or instructions during your lifetime of not having plans in place for your care?

Our hour seminar will cover the basic principles of inheritance tax and guide you through some strategies to mitigate any liabilities which might result. 

  • Do you have an inheritance tax liability?
  • Example of inheritance tax calculation
  • How extra tax reliefs for married couples and property work
  • Inheritance tax saving ideas
  • Trusts and gifting, how this can reduce inheritance tax for even those who don’t think they are rich!
  • Use of Wills & Power of Attorney (lifetime wills)

Ellisons Solicitors have kindly agreed to join us to answer all of your questions regarding wills, trusts and Power of Attorney (lifetime wills)

Beatons Seminar Series

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