A heartfelt thank you to all who helped support Smeets Ferry’s Ukraine aid efforts


The conflict in Ukraine is dominating most people’s hearts and minds, with so many of us wishing for practical ways to help and support those who are fleeing war.

Beatons were humbled to hear of the huge effort by its client Smeets Ferry, who pledged to use its logistics system for continuous humanitarian aid, delivering much needed items to Ukraine each week.

Following the announcement, Beatons staff were keen to support the relief effort and the team rallied quickly to gather donations to be included in the packages being sent over to those in need.

As a reflection of the very strong will from everyone across the UK to help Ukraine, various individuals and companies connected to Beatons, as well as the immediate team, set to work gathering supplies.

It was no surprise that within days a kitchen full of goods including food, medicines and clothes, as well as children’s items such as formula and new dummies had built up.

Staff were heartened to see scores of boxes acummulating and Beatons Directors Steph Hammond and Nick Marshall made a first-time trip to Makro to buy tinned food in bulk to be included.


The aid items were delivered to Smeets Ferry last week and are now making their way to Ukraine.

Nick said: “Smeets have done so well with this huge effort. It has been incredible to see. We are thankful to everyone here, clients and staff alike who took time out to donate much needed items and we’re grateful to have been able to send these on their way via Smeets Ferry.”

Following the huge humanitarian effort, Smeets Ferry’s General Manager Brian Hosford said he and his company have been overwhelmed by the reaction, explaining: “The response has been incredible. Originally, I only mentioned taking items over to my colleagues at the Lifeboat Crew in Frinton-on-sea and then the local Felixstowe Rotary Club heard about it and we had two trailers full of goods within a weekend. It was unreal.

“We’re really grateful to all clients, customers and work colleagues who have pulled together to help us do something to support the people of Ukraine. So far, we have sent five trailers over, with more to go later this week.”

As part of the collection, Felixstowe Rotary Club where managing director Roger Beaton is a member, generously donated £500 of medical equipment.

Smeets Ferry are now working to upload the vast quantity of supplies to more lorries over the coming weeks and Beatons are not currently requesting any new donations.

Nick added: “We couldn’t be prouder of the ways in which our clients and our team have put themselves forward to help and will always do our best to support efforts like this one.”